Welcome to my home site!  I hope you enjoy looking at the watercolour images and drawings that I have produced from my travels and adventures.  This is a work in progress like many things in life.

I created this website with the purpose of chronicling my journey in watercolour painting with my blog “The Paddle And The Paintbrush”; which will talk about anything and everything as it relates to this journey.


New Paintings And Sketches                                              September 2019

I am presently working on some new work from Africa. Here is a look at some of my new and old work from my African travels.






All material and images protected by copyright © Don Barnes 2015.


One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Doreen, Sorry to take so long to reply back to you. I only go by the name Don Barnes. My father was an artist as well and believe that he only used his name T.D. Barnes. I do know that there are a lot of artists with the name Barnes. I am guessing that you have already searched the internet.


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