It’s Only Paint and Paper

watercolour painting

With the weather starting to improve, I have been eager to get outside and paint on location. The last couple of weeks I have been sketching and painting in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.  It’s still cold but I have managed to paint a few nice creek studies. I find with the cold it is easier to finish these painting studies in my studio where I can control the drying process.

Sometimes I find that my paintings come together without any fuss but the three paintings I did were all painted twice and one three times.  At the end of the day it is just paint and paper and I feel this approach will help me to improve by not being so invested in the outcome.  I am trying to focus on direct painting as opposed to glazing. By painting the right colour and value with one layer of paint I am more likely to keep the glow from the white paper shining through, which to me is the most attractive quality of watercolour.


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